8.10 Office of Disability Services

Faculty members who have questions concerning the American Disabilities Act (ADA), student accommodations, and disability services may contact Northcentral University’s Disability Services at (888) 327-2877 ext. 8018 or email disabilitiesservices@ncu.edu. Faculty should contact the Disability Services Office to refer a student struggling with academic progress due to self-disclosed illness, permanent or temporary disability, or animpairment that substantially limits life activities”. At no time should faculty personally request medical records or doctor’s note. Disabilities Services will maintain all records relative to accommodation requests.

Students having a permanent or episodic disability are asked to notify Disability Services directly upon acceptance to the University and prior to enrollment in their first course. Students who experience a temporary disability during a course are asked to contact Disability Services prior to the last two weeks of the course session to discuss possible services.  Academic accommodations are not made retroactively. The University informs students requesting disability services that disclosure may be necessary to selected employees. Students are also provided the reasons for which disclosure may be necessary (e.g., to assess the reasonableness of a requested accommodation, emergency situations). Those who receive information relative to the student’s medical information are restricted to official use and any further disclosure or identification within the student record is prohibited.  All documentation is managed, maintained, and monitored within the Office of Disabilities Services. 

The requirement to maintain the confidentiality of medical records remains in effect even after a student is no longer enrolled in the University.  If there are questions relative to disclosure or its content contact the Office of Disabilities Services via email disabilitiesservices@ncu.edu or by phone 1-888-628-6911 X 8018.